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Some of our past projects

Tracker for touchscreen

If you have ever used a 20+ inch touch screen, chances are that you have been using a NextWindow device, the world leader in optical touch screens. When the Windows 8 touch specifications came out, the optical touch technology seemed devoted to disappear in favour of other technologies. We met the challenge and in only a few months we designed the world first Win8 certified optical touch screen!
Keywords : Tracking, C, embedded

IR test bench for passenger access

When you walk through an optical turnstile, for instance at the entrance of a building or in the metro, IR sensors are ingeniously arranged in such a way to accurately track your passage and to detect any fraudulent access like tailgating. But when a client requests a mechanical change and your sensors have to be rearranged, what is the impact on the tracking accuracy? The answer is to build a test bench with a dense grid of sensors and ask the entire company to walk through it! Now you can export any set of sensors from the recorded scenarios, run your algorithms et voilà!
Keywords : Data processing, C++, Qt, SQL, Perl

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